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Italian Brazilian born. He lived in different cultural capitals in the world. Such as Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, Brussels and London. He could not have imagined that later this cultural baggage will bring to him a wide cultural blend of vision of an ease cultural adaptation throughout his life.  Also for have lived more than the half of his life in French-speaking cities he acquired an international Francophone education.
For his visual Art, Giuseppe Piovesan work with many mediums and different techniques as a 21st century "plasticien". His work ranges from to fine arts, urban art, illustration to photography passing by Interior design, decorative arts. Also extend to involve fashion, including a brief collaboration with Alexander McQueen and comme des garçons.
Son of an Art-Historian Mother and the Grandson of one of organizers of 'La Mostra sul Futurismo Italiano' in Rom in the 1930's. It not only brought him a grand influence in the art world but the fact of being a natural born Artist.
One of main aims of Giuseppe’s work is to combine beautiful materials, fashion, trends, classical western elements/movements with elegant forms into a pinnacle of ultimate beauty and sensuality to contradict with the expressionistic despair and frustration often seen in the quotidian life and Art. A communication through a fanciful realism.

The Piovesan Name in History 
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Education: Superior school of publicity and marketing of Rio de Janeiro- graduated as advertiser
UDK university of arts Berlin (Universität der Künste-Berlin)- graduated in fine arts
Ecole Supérieure des BEAUX-ARTS de PARIS - Fine arts Master degree
C.A.D. Bruxelles (industrial design)- graduated in furniture design.


1982-1984 Member of Liquidificadoido (art, fashion, installation) and participant of São Paulo biennale 1983
1983-1986 Owner and designer of " Le Monde des Hommes" ( Art in fashion and avant gardism ). Featured in " Moda Brasil"magazine 1986.   
1991-1995 "De Jong" interior architectural concept Rotterdam
1993-1996 Designer of furniture for Depot design Brussels    
1996-2007 Owner of Scandinavian modern, decorative arts and interior concept 

2000          Member of "Chambre Royale des antiquaires de Belgique"
2001           Featured on Wall paper magazine essay
2002           Featured on ID magazine essay
2004+2006 Store art concept, mural work, and layouts for
 comme des garçons Antwerp and Brussels  
2004           Design and realization of "Undercover" store in Antwerp
2004-2008 Design of 4 bars and restaurants, and 5 private residences in Brussels and Antwerp.
2008          Creation and Concept of student cafe in Goteborg.

2009          Brief collaboration with 
Alexander McQueen

2011          The "come back" in the art scene. Participant of several group exhibition and 3 solo shows.
2012-2013Participant of several international art fairs including: Art Moscow, Asia contemporary art show 
                  Hong-Kong , Stroke urban art fair Berlin, dropdead festival Berlin, Artbase Berlin, pop art Rio, 
                  Rail contemporary Amsterdam, the affordable art fair New york. 
2013          Les assiettes, "Giuseppe Piovesan DISHES". tableware with  ROYAL COPENHAGEN porcelain on
                  a very limited edition.
2013          Collaboration with yhoji yamamoto prints, autumn / winter 2014-15 menswear.
2014          Façade painting and projections, Shanghai, China
2014          "UNTAMED BEAUTY" holographic urban life project for Rio de Janeiro 2015.
2014          Mixing cultures, wall TILES series. 
2014        Special guest artist , MIAMI RIVER ART FAIR 2014.
2015         Featured in several international art magazines such as Danm,FurFur and Art Kronika, Russia.
2015         Special invited to participate on CONTEMPORARY ART IN DECORATIVE ARTS, Shanghai December 2016         Winner best mural art project for west Rio de Janeiro luxury condominium building by local architectural union development.

Giuseppe Piovesan/All rights reserved.2011-015

( art, fashion, installation ),São Paulo biennale 1983.


           *I am mainly working with Architects, Collectors, decorators and fashion designer at present.

     Art fairs, group exhibition,solo shows, 2012 - 2017               

                 BRICS input, Fellini gallery Berlin, January 2017 
                 Hong-Kong solo show March 2017
                 NINA TORRES FINE ARTS - MIAMI. Opening April 1,2016
                 Brazilian Embassy Moscow - December 03 - 2016 
                 LEITMOTIV: CUERPO- Gallery Mariana Garcia Contemporaneo - Mexico DF, Nov.2015
                SHANGHAI - Contemporary arts in Decorative arts - September 2015  
                THE SALON MACAU - 'represented by gallery) 2105
                ART BEIJING - (represented by gallery) 2015

                INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE (group exhibition) , 08 May 2015 - "NINA TORRES FINE ARTS MIAMI"
                ARTEXPO NEW YORK - April 23 - 26, 2015 ( Represented by gallery)
                WORLD ART DUBAI 2015- 16 - 19 March 2015 (Represented by gallery).
                NINA TORRES FINE ART - MIAMI - SOLO SHOW - 08 December 2014 - 03 May 2015
                MIAMI RIVER ART FAIR ( SPECIAL GUEST ARTIST ),04 - 07 December 2014.                 
                ART MOSCOW 2014  18th international art fair, September 17 - 21 ( Represented by gallery )
                PARIS ART FAIR 2014  March 27th - 30th 2014, Grand palais ( Represented by gallery )
                ART MOSCOW 2013 17th international art fair, 18 - 22 September. ( Represented by gallery )
                PREMA ARTS gallery Berlin. Solo show. 16 august / 05 September 2012.                
                XLAB corrosive art farm The Final show, group exhibition retrospective  of
                Four years of XLAB gallery, 07 June 201                                                                 
                FELLINI gallery Berlin, (Interlude Italiana ) 15 May-16 July 2013.
                KUNSTRAI L Amsterdam Contemporary art fair 29th edition, 15/05 - 20/05, 2013   
                The affordable art fair NEW YORK  03 - 04 / 07 - 04 2013        
                ART DUBAI  March 20-23 / 2013 ( Represented by gallery )
                ORTZ galerie PARIS, Solo show ,21st Feb. 19Mar. 3013                  
                ART RIO 2013   Rio de Janeiro contemporary art fair. 2013 ( Represented by gallery)
                ZYX 21st century art Brussels,group exhibition. 8th Jan. / 14th Feb.2013
                ASIA CONTEMPORARY ART SHOW, Hong-Kong 2012.  ( Represented by gallery )
                DROPDEAD FESTIVAL   Berlin 31-10  /  04-11, 2012                                
                XLAB Gallery  Berlin. Solo Exhibition, 21/ 09 - 31/10. 201
                ART MOSCOW - International Art Fair, Sep. 19 - 23. 201 ( Represented by gallery )
                STROKE Urban Art Fair  , Sep. 13 - 16. Berlin-Chicago, 2012                
                ARTBASE 2012  - Berlin's Urban Art Festival. Teufelsberg Sep. 8 - 9. 201


 “The true essence of contemporary art is being able to reinvent yourself with what you have.”

If you asking me by which Artist I got influenced by, I ask to myself  why a creative person always have to be 'influenced' by another? I would prefer to classify it as giving an evolution and development for those masters work to nowadays, taking advantage on new colors, techniques and trends. The technology today are opening the artists to many new options and possibilities to worlds of beauty formally invisible to the physic eye.

In my work, I refer to technological innovations as a means of making, a connection and a fusion between the academic Art techniques with science and technology. Developing thus new techniques as a contribution to the Art of information age.  An endless research of studying the old, evolving to create the new as the natural Human evolution itself.

Being under “influence” to me would mean giving a direct continuation without any innovations to another artist work with a lack of self-creativity, imagination, and without speaking from my own words. Simply, as fully authentic Nature cannot be pigeon-holed and entrapped geometrically into a stereotypical box, there is no categorizing a free-form. 

I consider that I always had a great sense of observation and I have been 'collecting images my whole life, enough to interpret, to build and develop my own work out of a clipping patchwork of images, colors and forms that I have been collecting since always, that resulted in a series of paintings which having no beginning or end, a TIMELESS REMIX.

Me: Giuseppe Piovesn 2015



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